When should I take my child to the dentist?

When should I take my child to the dentist?


We get this question from new mothers and fathers regularly and there is a very simple answer.  Bring

them with you whenever you come to get your teeth cleaned.  This way, your child is introduced to

dentistry in a very non-threatening way.  When your child accompanies you to your check-up, it gives our

staff an opportunity to interact with them.  The child can see what is being done to Mom or Dad is a safe

and simple procedure.  We may ask them if they’d like a ride in the “moving chair” or to see how the air/

water sprayer works, or even how the “magic” straw sucks the water out of their mouth.


The ADA recommends that you bring your newborn to the dental office between the ages of 6 months

to a year.  When a parent comes in to see us, before the baby’s birth or after with the infant in tow, we

can talk to you about good infant dental practices, such as cleaning the baby’s teeth and good

dietary habits. We may try to peek into the child’s mouth, but it is for the most part, a counselling

session.   Besides, we love to see the new addition to your family and enjoy watching them grow to

toddlers.  We don’t try to have a full cleaning and exam appointment until the child is between 2 and 3

years old depending on the cooperativeness of the child, their disposition around strangers and past

visits with medical personnel, but we want them to get accustomed to visiting the dentist.  Whether they

have an appointment or not.  Soon this child will be on their way to becoming an excellent dental patient

and establish a lifelong relationship with their dentist, dental hygienist, and the rest of the staff at the

dental office.