Veneers are porcelain dental restorations designed to help your smile look its best. Veneers are shaped and custom-made in a dental laboratory. When bonded to your teeth, they can make your smile beautiful and flawless. Veneers can enhance your smile by:

  • Cosmetically perfecting your smile
  • Correcting crooked teeth
  • Fixing misshapen teeth
  • Covering severe discolorations/stains on teeth
  • Enlarging teeth that are too small
  • Repairing unwanted/uneven spaces between teeth
  • Restoring chipped or worn teeth

Veneers are very durable and generally last many years, providing you with a new and beautiful smile.

Most Veneers require some tooth preparation to allow for a required thickness of porcelain. Occasionally we can prescribe Durathin Veneers, which are nearly prep-less and involve minimal tooth removal. These veneers are “contact lens” thin but are remarkably strong after being bonded to the enamel of your tooth.