Tooth extractions may be recommended when restoration procedures like root canal therapy, crowns and fillings aren’t enough to save a tooth. Occasionally a tooth just isn’t worth saving.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last set of upper and lower molars that most people develop.

Some people have enough room in their dental arches for these teeth to come in or erupt normally.  Unfortunately, many of us do not have adequate space to accomodate these teeth in our mouths.

Sometimes these teeth erupt incompletely, at odd angles or not at all.  These are considered impactions.  These situations can lead to Pericoronitis, an extremely painful condition where the gums around the third molars swell and are often ulcerated.

Partially erupred wisdom teeth can cause bone loss behind the second molar and often a cavity deep on the second molar root that is difficult if not impossible to repair.

We usually evaluate our patient’s wisdom teeth at around age sixteen.