No Tooth? No Problem!!

Progress.  Innovation.  Cutting Edge.  Dr. Fort and I have always subscribed to the fact that in order to give you the best patient experience you deserve, we have to stay ahead of the curve on current concepts in dentistry.  For example, Invisalign, CEREC (“crown in a day”) scanners and milling technologies, and the newest techniques in fillings and crowns are all things we are currently utilizing and will continue to improve on.

I wanted to touch base and let you know a little about the future.  I’m currently in training to be able to place implants for our patients along with grafting procedures and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) X-rays.  Implants, grafting and CBCT aren’t a thing of the future; they’re the present.  We’re excited to be able to start offering these services to our patients.

Implants are one of, if not THE, standard of care to replace a tooth.  As simple as it can be put, an implant is a “man-made” root.  Once you lose a tooth, that root can be replaced with an implant body.  Once healed that implant will hold in a natural looking and functioning tooth.  Aside from just getting a tooth back, the benefit of the implant is maintaining the natural supporting bone.  Once teeth are gone the supportive bone starts diminishing dramatically.  Preserving bone helps with facial form and esthetics, not to mention that you get a tooth back!

Implants can be a game changer for someone missing multiple, or all of their teeth.  Dentures can slide, slip, rub, move when you eat and a host of other problems that lead to decreased quality of life.  Using the “man-made” roots, we can attach the denture to something stable and get you back to doing what you want to do…. eat, talk and SMILE!!

The CBCT is quite simply a 3D rendering of the normal Panoramic X-ray you’ve undoubtedly had at one point.  We as practitioners are used to looking at a 3D object on a 2D picture.  we can see the actual contours, volume of bone (front-back, side-side), as well as search for fractures, anomalies and hopefully prevent future problems before you have to call us for a toothache.

All of these advances are more tools in our toolkit to serve you better.  You’re still going to get the same patient centered care you’ve always gotten here.  If you have any question about any of our new services please reach out!!